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Friday, July 22, 2011

What you need to know about daily deal sites

I tend to post a lot of deals from Daily Deal sites...but I can't possibly post all of them.  I've also learned through chats here and there that many people are scared of daily deal sites.  They are scared that they are offering a product at a price so low that it must be a scam...Not True!

Let's back-up...daily deal sites offer products and services for AT LEAST 50% off with some up into the 90% off range.  Companies pay these deal sites a percentage of their sales to advertise for them.  In reality, they make more than they would selling directly.

How?  Let's look at this example...

Let's say I have a product that I sell in my 'store' for $10.  This product only cost me about $3, so in store I make a $7 profit.  In a week, I may sell 20 of these products giving me a $140 profit.

Now I'm going to offer a deal on a deal site where I also have to pay 20% on my sales.  I'm going to offer this product for $5.  20%  means for each voucher/product I sell, I have to pay $1 to the deal site leaving me with $1 profit.  Not much huh?  But wait...these deal sites get me a LOT more customers.  Instead of selling 20 in a week, I sold 500 in a day!  That's $500 profit!

See how these deal sites work?  They benefit the customer AND the company and are NOT a scam!

Here are some of my favorite deal sites for you to check out.  I will note ones that give you a bonus for signing up.  ALL are FREE to join!

One  of my favorites.  Gives you $10 at sign up and can be used immediately towards your purchase!

Deals for moms, babies and kids.  You get $15 credit when you invite friends to join.  Sign up here.

 Items for women, men, kids, the home and even getaways!  Earn $15 in credit when you have a friend join.  Sign-up here.

 Totsy offers moms on-the-go and moms-to-be access to brand-specific sales, up to 80% off retail, just for them and the kids, ages 0-7. Get a $15 credit when you refer a friend.  Sign-up here.

Get up to 70% off designer retail,  Get a $10 credit when you refer a friend.  Sign-up here.

Remember...ALL of these sites are free to join.  I recommend at least joining to check them out and get the emails sent to you once a day so you don't miss any of the deals they have to offer!

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